You worked hard to earn your money.

Now it’s time for your money to work even harder for you.

Examples section

Even during a recession, a small investment can result in a multi-million windfall. The latest examples areMike Walsh andOren Michels, who earned $25 million each on a $5,000 investment in Uber.

Unicorn investment opportunities are very hard to find

But we are prepared to help you in this quest.

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On our show, you will see entrepreneurs pitching you their unicorn ideas and you’ll be able to question them. You’ll hear the analysts and judges provide their opinions. And, if you conclude that it’s a good opportunity, you can snatch that valuable pre-IPO stock before others do it.

Silvina Moschini, co-founder

It's like "Shark Tank”

But nowYou are the shark.

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Not sure how to identify unicorn opportunities?

Download a free“Unicorn Investing for Beginners”eBook by Alex Konanykhin, the creator of the show of our panel of judges.

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